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Worker's Compensation Care

Working Together to Get the Injured Worker Back to Work

Greensboro Orthopaedics now EmergeOrtho Triad Region is dedicated to our worker's compensation patients and their medical support care team. Our goal is to provide excellent patient-centered care to allow for optimal recovery and a safe return to work. We understand the trauma of workplace injuries and specialize in returning injured workers to full function. The physicians and other medical providers at Greensboro Orthopaedics now EmergeOrtho Triad Region deliver quality, comprehensive, patient-centered care to injured workers. Our physicians are board-certified and fellowship trained in a variety of orthopaedic subspecialties. Their expertise along with the knowledge and experience of our other medical providers form a medical team like no other. Our physicians and physical therapists collaborate closely on patient care. The ability for team members to easily consult with each other, monitor a patient's status, and customize a therapy plan of care is a unique advantage that improves patient outcomes and decreases patient recovery times.

Onsite Clinical Services

  • X-ray
  • EMG & Nerve Conduction Velocity Studies
  • Epidural Spinal Injections w/fluoroscopy imaging
  • Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
  • Physician Second Opinions
  • Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs)
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs)
  • Physical Therapy w/McKenzie Credentialed Therapists
  • Work Conditioning Program (Therapy Services)
  • MRIs

Onsite Administrative Services

Our Worker's Compensation administrative team is dedicated to meeting the needs of case managers, employers, claims adjusters, and other related individuals. The team is experienced and provides timely correspondence between providers, patients, and case team members. Administrative services include:

  • Effective communication with employers, adjusters, and case managers
  • Submit documentation (Exam notes, work status reports, etc.) to inform all parties on updated patient status
  • Schedule appointments
  • Verify worker's compensation benefits coverage
  • Secure approval of procedures, diagnostic tests, and other services recommended by our physicians

Onsite Convenience

At Greensboro Orthopaedics now EmergeOrtho Triad Region, we strive to create a comfortable and positive experience. We have designed a workroom equipped to provide a space and resources for case managers, employers, claims adjusters, and others. Free, secure WiFi is available throughout our office.

Contact Information

For personalized assistance please call 336.544.3900...then dial
Ext. 1207
To schedule an appointment with a physician or physical therapist
If you are an attorney & need to inquire about a worker's compensation case
For FMLA or disability forms
Ext. 2500 or 2501
If you are a patient, a nurse case manager, or an adjuster & need medical records or information regarding a work note
Ext. 2504
If you are a patient, a nurse case manager, or an adjuster inquiring about the status of or to give authorization for any diagnostic test or surgical procedure
Ext. 2502
If you are a patient, a nurse case manager, or an adjuster inquiring about the status of or to give authorization for physical therapy, occupational therapy or durable medical equipment

Worker's Compensation Care Physicians