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Personalized Blood Flow Restriction

Greensboro Orthopaedics is excited to offer a new, innovative Rehabilitation and Muscle Performance tool! Personalized Blood Flow Restriction (PBFR)

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What is Personalized Blood Flow Restriction? 

PBFR uses a safe, medical grade tourniquet to restrict blood flow during exercise. The restriction enables your muscle to grow in size & strength faster than with traditional methods of heavy lifting. It sounds too good to be true? It’s not. The Military has been using this equipment (Delfi Tourniquet System – PTS) to assist wounded soldiers in their recovery for years. Most recently, Professional Sports Teams and Division I Collegiate Athletics teams are using PBFR with their athletes for both rehabilitative and performance gains. Greensboro Orthopaedics is the only orthopaedic physical therapy clinic in the region to have a PBFR Unit and multiple PBFR certified clinicians.

Is It Safe? 

Yes. The Delfi -PTS used at Greensboro Orthopaedics is the only PBFR device that is FDA certified (Be cautious...using non-FDA approved products for blood flow restriction, can be dangerous). The Delfi-PTS uses a Doppler System, measuring your limb (arm or leg) pressure necessary to safely restrict blood flow. Each person’s tourniquet pressure is individualized. Before the tourniquet is inflated for exercise, your personalized pressure is calculated. Throughout its use, the device continuously monitors the pressure. Recent research has shown that this type of treatment can actually decrease the likelihood of developing a blood clot.

Potential Results

The potential training results from PBFR are endless. This technology allows you to train at 20% of your maximum lifting capacity (1 Rep Max) and achieve the same benefits as if you were lifting 80% of your maximum lifting capacity. The application duration typically lasts 6-8 minutes per exercise. The unit can be safely used up to 30 minutes based on your specific treatment or
performance plan. Positive, measurable outcomes have been noted in athletes and patients who have used PBFR, despite injury status or age.

Is PBFR right for you? 

PBFR can be used for rehabilitation purposes on patients who have recently had surgery or have been immobilized resulting in muscle weakness. It can also be used to aid in training for muscle performance. This may include weight lifters, endurance athletes, and anyone interested in increasing muscle mass without the usual soreness or risk of injury of heavy lifting.
**Individuals with impaired circulation or peripheral vascular disease, cancer, severe high blood pressure, open fractures, tumors, or sickle cell anemia are not candidates for this treatment. PBFR is not safe for use during pregnancy.

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Johnny Owens, PT, MPT, and Stephania Bell, PT, discuss blood flow restriction training within physical therapy.

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