Greensboro Orthopaedics is now EmergeOrtho Triad Region
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Quality, Comprehensive, & Patient-Centered Therapy Services

Greensboro Orthopaedics now EmergeOrtho Triad Region Therapy Services offers comprehensive physical therapy and hand therapy services at our Greensboro Signature Place Office. The therapy clinic is recognized as a premier facility for providing the highest quality of rehabilitation services. Providing individualized patient-centered care is a primary focus of the therapy clinicians at Greensboro Orthopaedics now EmergeOrtho Triad Region. The educated and exceptional clinicians include a team of physical therapists, certified hand/occupational therapists, physical therapist assistants, and certified athletic trainers. The clinicians strive to decrease pain, improve function, and return patients suffering from injuries and conditions to an active life.

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