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Greensboro Orthopaedics now EmergeOrtho Triad Region specializes in providing quality, comprehensive, and patient-centered foot & ankle care for patients of all ages and walks of life. The human foot & ankle provide the body with a platform for mobility and function. Foot & ankle pain often interfere with the ability to perform daily activities we take for granted. It is imperative to keep your feet and ankles healthy to have the independence to participate in the activities you enjoy.

Our providers deliver specialized care for foot & ankle disorders and injuries. These conditions can result from sports, work, or traumatic injuries as well as conditions such as arthritis or diabetes. There are many factors that can contribute to the cause of pain and discomfort in the foot and ankle including poorly fitting shoes, heredity, aging, and disease. Foot & ankle injuries and conditions often require surgical treatment or non-surgical treatment. Early intervention provides the best outcome for relieving foot & ankle pain and discomfort.

We provide care for patients throughout the Triad area including surrounding areas of High Point, Burlington, and Winston Salem, NC.

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With access to unparalleled sub-specialty care and state-of-the-art diagnostic technology patients suffering from foot & ankle injuries and conditions can get back on their feet at Greensboro Orthopaedics now EmergeOrtho Triad Region.

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