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Richard Eurillo, MHA, LAT, ATC, OPE-C

Materials Management Specialist / Certified Athletic Trainer

Richard Eurillo is an Athletic Trainer (AT), who joined Greensboro Orthopaedics in 2011. His primary responsibilities at Greensboro Orthopaedics are materials management and assisting Adam Kendall, MD in the management of orthopaedic injuries and conditions. Previously, Richard served as the Head AT for Grimsley High School (2011-2016). The practice of athletic training involves the prevention, evaluation, treatment, & rehabilitation of emergency, acute, & chronic medical conditions involving impairment, functional limitations and disabilities. In the office, Richard performs patient evaluations alongside Dr. Kendall, fits and applies custom braces, casts & splints, as well as helps Dr. Kendall with intraarticular injections. He uses his knowledge and skill set to support Dr. Kendall to best care for patients.

Richard also plays an essential role in the Sports Medicine/Outreach Program. He continues to serve the student-athletes Grimsley High School and performs monthly injury screenings at a competitive gymnastics facility. He also provides athletic training service to the participants of many local athletic events including 5Ks, cycling competitions, and adventure races. Richard is largely why the Sports Medicine/Outreach Program at Greensboro Orthopaedics is successful.

His recent clinical continuing education endeavors have included Concussion Management  earning the ImPACT Athletic Trainer Credential and attendance to many seminars specifically the Matthew Gfeller Sport-Related Neurotrauma Symposium and the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposia. Richard completed his Master of Healthcare Administration degree in January 2016. Richard’s ambition, knowledge, and compassion are irreplaceable.

Professional Memberships

American Alliance of Orthopaedic Executives (AAOE), National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

Richard Eurillo, MHA, LAT, ATC, OPE-C
Board Certifications

Board of Certification, Inc.(BOC) for Athletic Trainers

Graduate Education

Master of Healthcare Administration, University of Ohio, Athens, Ohio

Undergraduate Education

Bachelor of Science, Athletic Training, Greenboro College, Greensboro, NC

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